I can not participate now in discussion – it is very occupied. I will be released – I will necessarily express the opinion. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. List of Persona 4 characters his own existence and grows curious of mankind’s habits such as dating girls. A site to help guide you through the persona 4 golden game. Clues naoto 4 persona dating. Clues persona 4 dating naoto. After all, the mercenary’s only got duels on her mind, right? During the Wham Episode near the end of the game, the player has to make choices that determine what ending to get.

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8 Worst: Ayane Matsunaga · 7 Best: Marie · 6 Worst: Ai Ebihara · 5 Best: Rise Kujikawa · 4 Worst: Yumi Ozawa · 3 Best: Yukiko Amagi · 2 Worst: Naoto.

Chie and Naoto. Their cute and I like their personality’s. If I had to pick one Chie, mainly because Kanji likes Naoto. Does anyone else think its messd up, even by Persona 4 standards, that you have the option to date that little music club girl who looks about 9 I forget her name? The game starts the MC’s junior year in high school or 2nd year, Japanese middle schools go through what would be cosnidered grade 9, high school lasts 3 years.

So Yukiko, and Chie are 16 or so being 2nd years. Rise and Naoto are 1st years so they’re about So the real screwed up part is that Rise is a really famous idol before she turns

Persona 4 Dating Naoto

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Naoto was created for Persona 4. She is a young detective who moves to Inaba, the setting of Persona 4 , to solve a serial-murder case. Due to the gendered stereotypes of detectives and institutional misogyny in law enforcement, Naoto presents as a man in order to hide her gender. Her dancing style comes from house music, with Wada noting that this dance style had a certain degree of sex appeal. Naoto appears in Persona 4 and is a detective trying to solve the murders in the game. Naoto uses herself as bait by appearing on TV and allowing herself to be kidnapped by the culprit.

The group follows Naoto to the TV world, where Naoto is confronted by her Shadow, who expresses their frustration with her birth sex and at being treated like a child by the police. Naoto explains after Shadow Naoto has been defeated due to the male-oriented nature of the police department, which is why she had been presenting as male.

Following Naoto’s recovery from her time in the TV world, she joins the protagonists in finding the culprit, having gained clues about his method thanks to her kidnapping. Throughout Yu’s interactions with Naoto, she regains her passion for being a detective. Depending on the player’s actions, Naoto can become intimate with Yu. Naoto also decides that she isn’t a detective just to uphold her family tradition, but because she wants to be and thoroughly enjoy it no matter her gender or age.

In the game’s ending, Naoto decides to stay in Inaba, unsure what to do now that the case is closed.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

Unlocking all the story content in Persona 4 Golden can be a minefield. So here it is, a spoiler free guide that will make sure you get the most out of Persona 4: Golden on your first playthrough. This is well worth doing, and all this content is exclusive to the PS Vita version of the game.

Persona 4 is a very love or hate it type of game when it comes to some of its aspects. Face it not everyone is a fan of the social and dating sim aspects, ai allies.

After seven years of spin-offs and rereleases, the next numbered title of the Persona series is upon us. And boy, does it look exciting. Perhaps most intriguing is a statement from the director, Katsura Hashino, during one of the earliest interviews for the game. That dark side of society is a central pillar to the game we want to make with Persona 5.

Sounds great, right? The Persona series, and the franchise from which it was born, have more or less carved out a reputation as pushing against the traditional mindsets and chosen subject matter of the JRPG. Which is true, and the series remains a breath of fresh air in many regards. And at first, the game seemed to live up to that hopeful premise.

The trouble comes when Kanji becomes a regular party member. As we head into this section, a question: Is this enough cultural context for you, TvTropes? And up against those clear exaggerations the writers put something that many young people strive for, that they feel is their only option to reconcile how they feel and how they are perceived a fact that was agonizingly illustrated in American media not long ago , and paint it explicitly as the wrong choice.

Chie, Yukiko, Rise, or Naoto?

It is the fifth game in the Persona series. It is one of the most popular games in the Persona franchise and has had several spin-offs and anime adaptations. Persona 4 follows a group of high school students dealing with a mysterious TV channel dedicated to distorting and exaggerating the truth of who they are and their identities. A string of bizarre murders begins shaking their once peaceful town.

They must look past what is on the screen, explore a mysterious world inside the TV and perform rescue missions in order to save its victims from death.

Here’s a look at how Persona 4 themes are often contradicted in its After that, Naoto is a dating option, and Kanji is totally one of the boys.

Persona 4 , [a] also known as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 , is a role-playing video game developed and published by Atlus. It is chronologically the fifth installment in the Persona series, itself a part of the larger Megami Tensei franchise, and was released for the PlayStation 2 in Japan in July , North America in December , and Europe in March Persona 4 takes place in a fictional Japanese countryside and is indirectly related to earlier Persona games. The player-named protagonist is a high-school student who moved into the countryside from the city for a year.

During his year-long stay, he becomes involved in investigating mysterious murders while harnessing the power of summoning Persona. The game features a weather forecast system with events happening on foggy days to replace the moon phase system implemented in the previous games. The plot of Persona 4 was inspired by the work of mystery novelists owing to its murder mystery premise.

Guide: How to Unlock the True Ending and Epilogue in Persona 4 Golden

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Persona 4 dating naoto. Date September | Author: Admin. persona 4 dating naoto. Thats literally the last major hint the game gives. People who got into.

There are two defining images in the reveal of Catherine: Full Body ‘s newest character, Rin. The first is in the trailer , which ends with protagonist Vincent waking up next to a naked Rin and getting a good look below her waist, eyes going wide with terror as he lets out a horrified wail. The second image is in a poster with Rin lifting her skirt to show us her genitals, which are obscured in shadow while Vincent’s traumatized eyes stand right in front of them.

Ads with the other Catherine girls also covered their genitals for titillation. Rin’s ad is not titillation. The framing, the contrast of colors, Vincent’s eyes, all convey a specific visual language of dread, of an unspeakable horror hiding in plain sight, a monstrosity in the guise of a girl. This is perhaps the most commonly used transphobic trope in media : the deceptive trans woman, tricking hapless heterosexual men into having sex with them. It’s a lazy, regressive device on its own; but with Catherine ‘s developer Atlus, it comes with a storied history of degrading their trans and queer characters.

Be warned: spoilers for Catherine and Persona 4 follow. Catherine: Full Body ‘s hard swerve into transphobia should come as no surprise to anyone who’s played the original Catherine or the Persona games from the same team. Persona 5 , while not outwardly transphobic, still features numerous instances of gay panic.

Persona 4 is 10 Years Old Today. Here’s What Made It Great

Last year I wrote extensively about the incredible Japanese role-playing game Persona 4 Golden. Despite how good I thought this ending was, I was wrong. I had not done everything I needed to do.

Because half the fun~ of Persona 4 was learning all the twists and And Naoto (​when Kanji is dating someone) is like, “I was unaware that a.

As Shaw notes, the relatively nascent field of video game studies has rarely turned its eye towards the question of queer sexuality and gaming, with a much larger body of work existing on questions of race, the presence of male or female characters, or the omnipresent question of video game violence. The purpose of her project is, in many ways, one of explanation and correction, as Shaw focuses primarily on presence of material rather than analysis of it.

In so doing, I hope to reveal some of the ways in which game theory and queer theory can enter into a discussion with one another that can potentially expand the definition of both fields. Rather than studying purely visual or verbal rhetoric in games, Bogost suggests looking at the way in which games interact ideologically with their players by the encoded controls or rules of the virtual environment.

If this modeling of behavior through gameplay mechanics is a way of constructing and enforcing a particular ideological performance within the game, I am struck by its possible impact on another theoretical field deeply interested in questions of control and ideology. Over the course of the text, Butler undertakes deconstructing the means by which sex and gender are naturalized, in particular through the repetition and performance of gendered concepts.

So what can be done in this borderland of control, performance, and repetition between game theory and queer theory? If the flesh is bound to a series of constraints—geographical location, bodily appearance, and so forth—the potential of a new realm of experiences that can exceed the limits of the body holds a very notable appeal. This question of what advantages digital realms provide to the body has become a core focus of game theory as well, materialized more concretely in the form of the digital avatar.

The Earth is very nice, but there are experiences we can imagine in our minds that we cannot have here. We cannot switch from male to female and back again; we cannot become fat or thin as we wish…People entering a synthetic world can have, in principle, any kind of body they desire. At a stroke, this feature of synthetic worlds removes from the social calculus all the unfortunate effects that derive from the body.

It would then seem more productive, rather than pursuing potentially non-existent digital utopias, to seek out places of tension and rupture within the existing framework of gaming and see how a queer consideration of the body might reveal particularly fraught examples of this. As the male leader of a group of adventuring teenagers, the player is tasked with the goal of entering this alternate universe and—through the process of fighting various enemies across multiple floors of themed dungeons—reaching and saving each abducted person before their shadow awakens.

Persona 4 Golden Social Links guide

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Who did you end up dating, that is, if you went after any of the girls? What’s Girlfriend, Naoto or Marie (although there is only so much tsun I can take) Marie mainly Persona 4 Golden is one of them (the other was this one).

Bug Catching and Fishing. Other Things to Do and Know. School Answers. Status Parameters. Tips and Tricks. Marukyu Striptease. Steamy Bathhouse.

Persona Q: SotL – P4 MC & Naoto Wedding (P4) [Group Date Cafe]