While the twosome kept quiet about their romance, their fellow season 10 contestant on ” American Idol “, James Durbin , outed them as an item when talking to KBFX in Bakersfield, California recently. Asked if he is still in contact with the other “Idol” contestants post the show, the year-old singer revealed that he has Stefano as his best man when he tied the knot with longtime girlfriend, Heidi Lowe, on New Year’s Eve. He then spilled, “Stefano is now dating Haley. They’ve been dating for a while, so she was there with Stefano. During the chat, James also dished on an interesting tidbit about his wedding that involves another season 10 contestant. The fourth place finisher on “Idol” noted that he has to put his wedding on hold for about 18 minutes just so Casey Abrams could find his way to the chapel situated in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Words that Haley is dating Stefano surfaced in August It was reported that the two got involved romantically as the Top 13 contestants began rehearsing for the “Idol” tour.

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After taking a quick hiatus a few years back, the show switched from Fox to ABC and has had viewers intrigued with every episode ever since. Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson were the couple that everyone wanted to see. From the start of the first season of Idol , these two always remained close and ended up being the top two on the show that year.

When Clarkson won, Guarini gave her the most genuine embrace, which sparked obvious dating rumors.

So Haley Reinhart, Stefano Langone and Casey Abrams were all at your wedding. We hear Haley and Stefano are officially dating now?

The two singer-songwriters dazzled the crowd last year and will perform the grand finale again Aug. More than two dozen solo acts, ensembles, and bands will perform jazz, blues, rhythm and blues, and big band music on three stages, Aug. They plan to scale back this year. Abrams is among Idyllwild Arts Academy alumni who return to perform each year at this fundraiser for the preprofessional school.

The academy is one of the few U. Some Instagram messengers want to see them married.

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One day later, Casey is staying positive about his elimination and says that he was prepared for last night’s outcome — although, sadly for the rest of America, he did say that he was planning on performing the Beatles ‘ “Eleanor Rigby” and a Blink song in the coming weeks on the show. In a conference call today, the singer talked about his boosted confidence, Steven Tyler ‘s kissing ability, and Haley Reinhart, whom he denied dating. Did you ever expect to get this far after the judges used their save on you, or did you think you’d be gone in a week or two?

That’s what I was really afraid of, and that’s why I knew I had to work hard.

House Idol American the in finalists other the with confined closely being after dating begun have to said are Reinhart Haley and Abrams · Casey Aired Idol.

So rumor has it that Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart are more than friends and rivals for the “Idol” title. But whatever was happening between the housemates might have cooled as the Fox show whittles down finalists ahead of May’s big finale. Online notes in its recap of Wednesday’s show, Abrams and Reinhart “weren’t doing much interacting.

In fact, we couldn’t help but notice Casey was unmistakably absent from Haley’s intro montage and was never standing next to her onstage when the Idols were gathered. This could be evidence of a lover’s quarrel, or the maybe-couple’s wish to keep their romance out of the spotlight. Meanwhile, “Idol” castoff Pia Toscano is not hiding her relationship with new boyfriend Mark Ballas; the “DWTS” pro was spotted in studio audience as she performed a number with fellow axed contestants at the top of the show.

As for Abrams, the ginger-bearded singer has emerged an unlikely heartthrob on season 10; he boldly kissed Jennifer Lopez during his performance of Maroon 5’s “Harder to Breathe,” momentarily flustering the sole ladyjudge. Perhaps Reinhart is jealous of all the attention? DaveJudy: 45, put on your walking shoes and don’t let the revolving door confuse you when you are fired by the people in November Pack your bags, or the FBI will, and take them to prison. Entertainment Home.

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Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams married

Dance instructor Naima Adedapo and year-old Thia Megia were ousted after they received the least number of votes following Wednesday’s Elton John song theme night. Adedapo’s reggae version of “I’m Still Standing” and Megia’s “Daniel” wasn’t enough to save the aspiring singers from the double elimination. But for others on the show, “Idol” still has plenty to offer, and not just in terms of a singing career — some are finding love on the show’s set. Of course it happens. What do you think?

Haley Reinhart: Casey and I “played the game” with dating rumors. Haley Reinhart’s American Idol journey came to an end when she was.

Haley Reinhart Biography Login Username:. Lost Password? Remember me. Pages Thread Modes. I created the thread title abrams splitting some posts originally posted in the “Haley in the Wild” thread Back in March:. That’s cute. That Casey comment surprises me- I’m dating me but still online idol opinion they never what, but I don’t live with them so who knows!?! I’d be thrilled if they did, though. I asked Casey about that article and the promise of a Caley tour at Room5 after the show, when he came up to say Hi idol What Let’s just say, he was casey committal, maybe a bit evasive.

I didn’t bring up the “relationship” aspect of the article. I knew it!

‘Idol’ Casey Abrams, Haley Reinhart dating?

Haley Elizabeth Reinhart born September 9, is an American pop-rock-jazz singer-songwriter and voice actress from Wheeling, Illionis, a suburb of Chicago, who finished in third place on Season 10 of American Idol. Both of her parents are musicians. After graduating high school in , Reinhart attended Harper College in Palatine, Illinois, in , studying jazz.

Reinhart first auditioned for season 9 of American Idol in Chicago, but did not advance to the Hollywood round.

They dated for about one year before getting engaged in March , then tying the knot in October of that year. Casey Abrams and Haley.

By Scott Bradlee. He pours his soul into his singing every night. He shreds the upright bass. I met Casey shortly after moving to LA. In the clip, he had the clean cut look of a conservatory jazz major, so I assumed him to be an introverted, academic type. I was quickly dispelled by that notion. Upon his arrival to the club, one of the managers tried to get him to leave, assuming him to be a homeless man this was a recurring theme for us; a different manager had done a similar thing after finding our stage manager Rook lying down in the parking lot, having just returned from an exhausting travel day.

This place is sick! He caught every change I played almost instantly, in the way that only a true natural musician can do. His voice was strong and gruff; he combined blues sensibilities with a bit of Jack Black-style theatrics for a completely unique style, and played the bass with such intensity that I half expected the strings to come off the fretboard. Buy Selfies on Kodachrome. After hysterically breaking character onstage, Adam went to throw away the clump of hair, before being informed by Haley Reinhart that Casey wanted to keep it.

American Idol Gossip: Are Casey and Haley dating? #AI10

Abrams finished in sixth place on season 10 of American Idol. He spent many of his early years in the Chicago area, first in Evanston, Illinois, then in Wilmette, Illinois. He later moved to California and attended middle school and high school there. He was a student at Idyllwild Arts Academy in Idyllwild, California, where his father teaches film production.

His former fellow contestant Julie Zorrilla was also a student there and she was his prom date in their freshman year. After graduating from Idyllwild in , he attended University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado as a music major.

Haley Elizabeth Reinhart (born September 9, ) is an American pop-rock-jazz singer-songwriter If you could date one of the kids, who would you date? During her time on Idol, Reinhart became close to fellow contestant Casey.

I thought Haley was possibly with Casey Abrams. Any female could have predicted that Haley would never have anything more than a friendship and admiration for Casey. Just never could be. What boggles my mind about the pairing between Haley and Stefano most is my vague memory of Stefano comment about Haley. Goes to show you how much people read what they wish into anything and everything they see on TVl. Have to admit it: I enjoy all the flotsam and jetsam. I agree.

Why does anyone care? And why is it weird? I think they make an adorable pair. How they were portrayed on the show aside, in real life they seem like a couple of fun-loving goofballs I mean that as a compliment who love life, love to laugh, and love music. I wish them lots of happiness!

Who is Haley Reinhart Dating Now?

Casey Abrams born February 12, is an American musician from Idyllwild, California , who finished in sixth place in the tenth season of American Idol , five weeks after being saved from elimination by the judges. A self-titled debut album was released in through Concord Records. Tales from the Gingerbread House was released on January 29, Abrams later moved to California and attended middle school and high school there.

Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart have reportedly begun a romantic relationship. The American Idol finalists are said to be a “cozy couple”.

Last week, Haley Reinhart was sent packing on American Idol , opening the door for the greatest country hoedown that Nashville Star , I mean, American Idol has ever seen! Haley was one of those contestants that you either really liked or really hated. The Ashley first noticed Haley in during the Las Vegas audition week and has been a big fan ever since even when America hated her and kept putting her in the Bottom 3 every week. She just plays one on TV! Like we never said yes or no.

We played the game, it was fun. Casey would be a fool not to have jumped at the chance to, um, jump Haley! I really love her…One of my faves on my season, both as a person and a singer. Haley finished third, finishing behind two teenage country music singers the show promoted start to finish while working to stop her. She did that well because she can carry a tune in any genre. Haley may have done better if she was a bit more humble and not such a flaming Bitch.

And if she could carry a tune would help too. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

‘American Idol’: You Won’t Believe How Many Contestants Have Dated on the Show

Haley has one sister, Angela, who is five years younger than her. The two got romantically involved while the Top 13 contestants started rehearsing for the Idol Tour. People born in the Year of the Horse are seen as warm-hearted and easygoing. We want to continue to write together and hopefully put out our own EP or a record. She has not been previously engaged. She attended Harper College and was in multiple different jazz ensembles while attending school.

Spell On You” to fellow contestant Haley Reinhart after being voted off of American Idol Thursday, many wondered if they were really dating.

There’s no denying American Idol contestants Casey Abrams and Haley Reinhart clicked from the get-go, fueling rumors and speculation that they were more than just friends. We saw with our own eyes the flirting and chemistry between the two, but when we caught up with Casey the morning after his elimination he told us the true nature of their relationship.

Don’t you know two British people just got married?! Last night, eyebrows were raised when Casey went wild with his final song on the Idol stage, giving out kisses, hugs and handshakes to anyone in his path. And he saved his time with rumored girlfriend Haley for last. When they finally came face-to-face, we all held our breath, as he took her hand and looked into her eyes Some fans thought the moment was a thinly veiled attempt to keep their romance a secret, but Casey says nothing is going on.

I didn’t plan on ending up on Haley. It just happened that way. I was saying goodbye to my very special musical friend—that’s all it was. The pair did knock out duets over the past few weeks, and the relationship is something Casey is thankful for.

American Idol 2011 / Hollywood Round 3 – Haley Reinhart (2/17/11)